Our Philosophy

For many young people, participation in sports accounts for a significant portion of their time, energy and attention. Their friendships, their physical health and their self esteem are closely linked to their sports lives. Exercise, competition, team work, self discipline and FUN . . . who would argue that these are bad things?


As parents, all we want is for our kids to be safe and happy.  To realize their potential and achieve personal success in either academics or athletics is a joy for us.  In academics, extra study time, tutoring or seeking extra help from a teacher can sometimes, give a student extra confidence and perhaps, a little edge in the classroom.  Likewise in sports, an athlete often needs to devote "extra time" to get to a higher level of play. To make the team, earn more playing time or to make greater contributions on the field means everything to a young athlete.  And who knows, being named team captain, an award here and there or perhaps, the ultimate- being able to pursue your passion in college are worthy aspirations for some.  Regardless of where our kids currently are athletically, we want to give our kids the best opportunity to succeed.



Injury Prevention


Injuries in youth sports are on the rise.  Specializing in one sport, over-use and poor conditioning all are contributors.  I've had young athletes in and out of my facility for years and have witnessed physical performances, although superior to their sedentary peers, that are inferior to adults two or three times their age.  If youth is truly the ultimate predictor of physical prowess, how could this be so? Simple . . . training.  Whether due to lack of information, time or focus, young athletes are not adequately preparing their bodies for the rigors of their sport.  Proper biomechanics, strength, flexibility and body control are not inherent to the young.  They need to be trained.  Young people, particularly teenage females are suffering from ACL injuries at alarming rates.  With proper training, non-contact ACL injures can be reduced dramatically.  It's hard to have fun competing in the sport you love, gaining precious self worth and athletic success when you're lying on your back recovering from a devastating injury.  This scenario was uncommon in my day and is to be avoided today at all costs.  This can be trained.



Peak Performance


When an athlete commits to training at CT Athlete, he/she is demonstrating a desire to excel- a willingness to do the work that the competition may not be willing to do.  Our athletes are exposed to the most intelligent, demanding and balanced sports performance training program available anywhere.  Combining age-appropriate strength training with stability training, agility, acceleration/deceleration, power and dynamic flexibility, our athletes become stronger, faster and more resilient.  Most field and court athletes need to move explosively for short distances.  The ability to resist contact, change direction effortlessly and accelerate efficiently improves the athlete's ability to get to the ball more quickly than her opponent or to free himself from the opposing player more easily. This advantage, often measured in inches, is what every athlete strives for and will typically lead to a successful outcome in the game.  This can be trained.  


I invite you to join the CT Athlete Family and experience the difference our training can make in your athlete's life.


Coach Glenn

What some happy athletes are saying:  

"I couldn't believe how intense the training was . . . but it paid off- I got stronger and faster the next season."


- Carrie B.

"I loved the training- it was actually fun and I learned a lot about fitness and sports training in the process."


- Tammy S.

"I was recevering from knee surgery so I was very tentative.  The training was hard, but as a result, I have complete confidence in all of my moves."


- Steve M.